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Nee Dee Eee Enterprises identified Fog systems for the benefit of various industries requiring outdoor cooling & humidification as early as 1994. In the early years NDLE served to needs of power plant companies using high pressure fog systems for Inlet Air Cooling of Gas Turbines.

NDLE also introduced Fog Systems for Humidification in other industries. These markets demanded a more economical means of humidification.

In response NDLE managed a low budget medium pressure fog systems with humidity controller, using better quality plastic hoses & nozzle lines to make a perfect flexible and very easy to assemble complete fog systems at sites.

We have also started to supply and install Fountains, Spas - steam, Sauna, Chill Shower, Jacuzzi and we take up Turnkey Job of setting up a spa including Treatment Beds, Chairs and Tables. We also supply and install health club equipments. We specialize in supplying of agro-chemicals in bulk.

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